Duncannon EMS, Attack on the elderly. This bad ambulance service has caused us a lot of suffering. I think she has brain damage and maybe damage to others organs due to low oxygen. If we had an ambulance this might have been avoided.

Fact one
In the morning of February 17, 2018 Duncannon Ems refused to take a delirious critically ill woman to the hospital.
Fact two
At night on March 3, 2018 there was an assault by some unknown guy at our window.

Duncannon EMS refused to take my wife to the hospital on February 17, 2018. She was suffering severe breathing problems so we called 911. They came here to take her to the hospital but then refused to do it. They insisted I had to take her and they loaded her in a near unconscious state into my truck. The hospital took her out of the truck and into 8 days of intensive care plus 4 more days in the hospital.
I guess they figured it would be better if she died in my truck. Policy must be old people should die and reduce the surplus population.
We received a vague and convoluted letter from Duncannon EMS after they were contacted by Representative Mark Keller’s office. It did not answer the question. Why did they refuse to take my wife to the hospital. We need to know why they refused to take her to the hospital.
If we send anything to Duncannon EMS we know we will not receive a response. The only way we got this response was after Representative Mark Keller’s office got involved.
It is true that I gave my wife my oxygen and that seemed to help enough that it was not an emergency requiring lights and sirens. That is why I said it was not a crisis but we needed an ambulance to take her to the hospital. After they took her outside she was in a semiconscious state and it became a crisis.They said I had to take her. I told them I couldn't do it but they insisted. They told me to get my truck out of the garage. They loaded her in with difficulty. She has the bruises to prove that. I told them again I didn't want to take her. I then gave up and got in my truck. At this point she was completely unconscious. I was desperate to get to the hospital so I pulled out as soon as they let me. She then spent eight days in intensive care. I expect that would have been less had they taken her.
I don't think she signed anything. She was in no condition to do so.
On March 3, 2018(Saturday night) while we were in bed and not dressed a guy came banging around our house and then my window. It seemed very threatening to me. He then said he wanted an oxygen tank and I realized what was going on. I told him he could have it as soon as he told me why they refused to take my wife to the hospital. He would not answer so I repeated my question. He got more threatening and I thought he might break in so I showed him I had a gun. I made no threatening actions. He said he wasn't scared of my gun and continued yelling at me. Finally he said he was calling the police and went away. I don't know why somebody could not have called to resolve things unless they just don't know how to work phones.




April 30, 2018
Re: HCS-18-05-000517
Dear sir or madam,
I am writing to register and reiterate a formal complaint and to request remediation and response regarding case # HCS-18-05-000517. I am concerned about the lack of professionalism and risk to public safety based on the actions my wife and I experienced on February 17 and March 3, 2018.

Duncannon EMS refused to take my wife to the hospital on February 17, 2018. She was critically ill and in a delirious state. I was told that she signed a document stating she had waived her right to be transported by ambulance to the hospital. I believe they lied about her signing such a document and request a copy be produced and shared with her and me. When EMS arrived, my wife was semi-conscious and delusional and I doubt she was capable of marking an x. They may have forced her to do something. She does not remember signing anything and we have no record of such a thing. Nobody told me about any such signing as I was trying desperately to get them to take her fearing for her life.

It was obvious to anyone that she needed to get to the hospital by ambulance. Why would someone refuse to take a critically ill person to the hospital? I repeatedly asked them to take her. Their actions, decisions and negligence nearly killed her. I was forced to take her in my personal vehicle to the hospital, while also ill myself and both of us are mobility impaired, and she suffered further from lack of oxygen during this trip, as well as additional complications.

Following her nine-day hospital stay, an unknown individual came by our home at night asking to pick up the oxygen tank EMS left with us. He did not call in advance. He knocked on the door after dark unexpectedly. Both my wife and I were recovering from illness and were readied for bed. We were undressed. He came to the window, looked in and started banging on the window asking us to return the oxygen tank. We would gladly have returned the tank during normal business hours and had we been advised by telephone of the pick-up time. Given the approach we experienced, we were highly uncomfortable with his lack of professionalism, in particular as we are elderly, were in poor health and he lacked the professionalism to contact us in advance. I do not have the name of this individual, but would also hope for remedial action related to this situation as well.

Thank you for your attention. I look forward to your response and update about the actions taken. I will continue to escalate this complaint until I have confirmation regarding corrective action so the privacy, health and well being and potentially even the lives of others are not again compromised.

Jim Crownover
P O box 111
Duncannon Pa. 17020 717-834-6096

Well, nothing from the Attorney General. No help at all from government. I need an attorney.

It seems the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General has no interest in truth and justice. Maybe they take their lead from the Federal Government.

Attorneys are not interested in anything that doesn't provide big bucks. Since there is probably no money in mine I guess there is little I can do unless I decide to spend $20,000.00 on it.

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