Starky Creek.

This is Elmer’s story!
Here is the story:
Coming through under Route 17 at Deppe
Ed and Keith Yon "humping" over a beaver dam
David Roach safely through the hole Dale Weston made in the beaver
Jim Crownover in a Sparky tobogganing the beaver dam
This is a l950 or prior Plymouth which is the biggest piece of trash
we have ever encountered along a river

Thanks, Bill Norris and JR Batchelor, for making this exciting, thrilling at
times, always  interesting wilderness paddle possible by removal of all the
blowdowns. We could see no damage to the river banks or bottom and, believe
us, there is plenty of wood for the macro and micro invertebrates left to
feed on. We saw little fish apparently just about an inch long. The water
was clear and inviting.

We believe you are clearing these streams of hurricane toppled trees in a
safe and environmentally sound method.

At the Deppe Loop Road bridge where we launched our canoes, two gentlemen
drove up on our return to get our vehicles. They thought we were "beaver
people". They complained about a very large and six foot high beaver dam,
just upstream, which has the water up in their back yard. We gave them your
names. Hope this is in order.

We hope you will soon being doing the same on the section of the White Oak
River which is impossible to canoe as the blown down tress are stacked up
like cord wood in some places. This is between Emmetts Lane Bridge and
Gibson Bridge.

Stewards of The White Oak River Basin
Elmer, The White Oak River Trash Man!!
It was an exciting trip made more so by the high water. (New River Gauge was
at 1110 cfs and ht at 12.94, these have fallen to 672 cfs and 9.87 today).
This creek would still be a good paddle at this level and would make a
excellent trip to take today.

Starkys Creek has more twists and turns. They are sharp and numerous, one
after the other, in quick succession. It required constant maneuvering and
made us work harder that than any river I personally have ever paddled any

Because we stopped to pick up trash we did make not make it to The White Oak
River. We want to do this badly as
this will open up a new paddle trail and access to the White Oak from Onsolw
County.Haywood would be the takeout.

We have the exact situation on Grants Creek. This will be a shorter paddle.
Take out here will be Long Point. We will do one or the other on Wednesday,
March 26th.

We need to set up a shuttle and we need to know who is coming as some of
our regulars cannot paddle that day.
So please let me know if you are coming.

Pamela: The trash is on State Road # 1434 above Morton Fork at Starky Creek
bridge and the trash at the Grants Creek Bridge is still there too.This is
south of Palo Alto at Grants Creek Bridge. Most of this trash was picked up
on the highway right of way at both bridges.

 Here are the pictures:

Elmer, The White Oak River Trash Man!!






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