Geisinger lies, Tracy Schott

Geisinger lies, I have never seen or talked to Tracy Schott. She refused to respond to my calls.
Maybe she does not exist.
This is all that has been done. I did not speak to leaders who apologized.
We are sorry you remain unsatisfied with the outcome of our grievance review. Your concerns have been internally addressed by our leadership. You had opportunity to speak with our leaders who apologized for your experience with us. The letter you were concerned about has been removed from your records. Geisinger considers your grievance to be closed as of March 17, 2020.
I prefer truth and justice over lies and injustice. Why can I not at least get a letter of apology?

Tracy Schott PAC
16 Woodbine Drive Danville Pa
This response to your February 18, 2020 is because you failed to answer my phone calls in an attempt to correct this problem. You letter consists mostly of false statements and should not have been published without first getting the facts. I don’t know how widespread you have published it be it should be retracted in all those places. I will detail some of the correct facts here.
Dr. Dinko was the one who left the room saying his time was up. My wife and I were left sitting in the room.
I never demanded or dictated anything.
He stated when he first entered the room that I was not his patient That means I have had only one primary care provider.
I never switched back and forth between primary care providers since the only time I saw Dr. Dinko is when he said I was not his patient.
In fact he later asked me who my primary care provider is. When I answered you he got angry and was more nasty the rest of the visit.
I tried to discuss my bowel and stomach problems with him but he would not listen. He just talked over me so nothing was accomplished.
There was never an outburst or demand from me. At the end after I had given up on any help with my problems I asked for 3 prescriptions that would help me.
I received no help there either. Something should be done to repair this problem.


May 25, 2020
All I want is truth and justice! I need to find an honest person interested in truth and justice before that will ever happen. So far, no success.

August 10, 2020

I am now dying with stage 4 cancer. I did not get a PET scan until July 6 2020. Too late. If I had had a doctor willing to help in February I probably could have got that scan earlier and maybe lived an extra year. Too late now. I am as good as dead right now. We need to ask that you stop contacting us regarding this concern as we will not be addressing it any further. Jesseca

September 8, 2020.

I have been attacked by Geisinger again. Christine Rank canceled my pulmonary appointment just as I was driving to the appointment.
I need daytime oxygen but she has forbidden me from getting that.
My lung cancer is bad and I would be dead soon anyway.
I guess all these people on this webpage are out kill me.


Rezitsitized Hisperatation