The Hat II

September 9, 2006

Today we mourn the loss of "The Hat II"

Lost at sea and never found. This great hat will never again cruise the rivers and waterways.

After 25 years of dedicated service, it has perished in the line of duty.

The Hat first entered the water in March 1982 on the Florida coast.

"The Hat II" went down in the capsizing of the Tarpon 100 at "The Ledge" on the Juniata River.

Judy and I cruised the Juniata from Howe Township Park to Duncannon

The water level was about 3.9 feet at Newport). It was about 2.5 hours. We surfed the waves a little.

It was definitely GREAT FUN!!


The Ledge.

The Ledge.

"The Ledge" is is called Iroquois Falls. It is just below Poorman's Spring alias Poor Man's Spring alias Horseshoe Spring on the Blue Juniata River.
Poorman's spring is on the south side of the Juniata River. It is just above Iroquois falls. That is the nice ledge with the chute in the middle about 6 miles downstream from Newport. The 2001 Juniata Sojourn people enjoyed Iroquois falls but missed Poorman's spring. It is approximately across the river from the midway exit on 322.


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