Welcome to Perry County. Democracy ends here.

The only way to save the country is to elect me Dictator! Failure means the country is doomed!
Doomed! Doomed! Doomed!

The only hope then would be revolution! That means bringing back the guillotine and doing it French style. That means “Off with their heads” for all the obscenely rich. Of course, that will provide us with a lot of fertilizer. Save our country!
Exercise your right to a write in vote and save your country from a tumble to 3rd world status!
Vote "Jim Crownover" for Dictator 2016!

When I am Dictator of The United States Of America I will do what no other candidate is offering.
“America First” is my motto.
These other candidates keep offering to give us change.
How much change will they give us? My guess is 37¢.
They offer reform! What? Reform their wallets?
All we ever get is same old same old. I seem to be the only candidate not begging for money, therefore I only have one house!
All of the other candidates have been collecting campaign money! I alone have not excepted any money from anyone.
Therefore no one owns me.
I am responsible only to the people of the United States!
Jim Crownover for Dictator of the United States. Please write in Jim Crownover for Dictator.

The sales tax must be replaced with the distance tax. Products produced less than 300 miles from the consumer would have no tax. Products produced 300 miles from the consumer would have a one percent tax. Every additional 300 miles would add another percent. Tax would be paid by the producer. This will bring back vast numbers of jobs and eliminate the debt and depression. It will also help to reduce pollution. This would stop the billionaires from taking money out of this country to create manufacturing in foreign countries. There will no longer be an unemployment problem.

I support tax parity with the billionaires. They used to pay higher taxes than the working people but have been cut from 70% to 15% or less, mostly less, during the past 3 decades or so. Therefore I must vote for the candidate that cuts middle class taxes by 75% or more. That seems like the only fair way to do it.
I will raise the standard deduction for income tax to at least $25,000!
It is time to reverse the “Redistribution of the Wealth” program that has been going on for the last 4 decades.
During this program of take from the American People to give to the rich the middle class has had the pain and the tycoons only the gain.
The income tax should be simplified.
There should be no deductions except for a large standard deduction of $25,000 or more. Equal for all.
We should put it to a vote if anyone thinks we have democracy.
That is the only way to give the people a fair shake!
Countries outside America will no longer get special deals and breaks.
It will be America First.

Admiral "Madman" Jim Crownover

Duncannon Navy!

 Juniata River.

Admiral "Madman" Jim Crownover for Dictator 2016!
Best Dictatorial Candidate

August 1, 2015
If you all vote for me we may be able to avoid some of the impending disaster. The only purpose of the government lately has been to make oil tycoons vastly wealthier at the expense of the middle class.
There have been massive tax breaks and tax give aways for the oil companies. Why should the taxpayers be paying taxes to give to oil companies? I guess it is just because the oil companies run the government.
Democracy does not exist. That died decades ago.
The American people continue to be beaten in the war against them. The oil cartel owns nearly all our politicians so it does not matter which party you vote for. Your vote goes to the oil cartel. What we really need is something new and inconceivable for current government.
How about “government of the people, for the people and by the people”. That would really be a big change!
The mortgage crisis was done to provide more tax cuts and giveaways for the oil companies. The government decided a few years ago that by deregulating and allowing bad loans to be made and passed along from one institution to another (with profits for everyone along the way) real estate sales would boom.
This would bring more taxes to the government. This plan worked very well! Real estate sales and prices soared in 2003, 2004 and 2005. That gave the government vast increases in income tax money, which of course went to the oil companies. Now that everybody has made billions of dollars who is expected to pay? The middle class of course. Your tax dollars just go to the oil cartel and other tycoons so they can buy bigger mega yachts. That money mostly leaves America. Inflation, which is already soaring many times higher than the government says adds to our problems.
This country definitely needs saved before we drop into third world status and the only ones with money are oil tycoons and their ilk.
The rest of us will be nothing but their serfs. Apparently that is governments goal.
Admiral “Madman” Jim!

We must stop the Decline and Fall of America or we will be a third world country within four years.
We can no longer claim to be a superpower as it is and we are in a free fall downward spiral.
This “Crisis” is no surprise to anyone. This has been building for 5 years now.
If it was a crisis it should have been fixed then. This is part of their election tactics.
Vote Admiral "Madman" Jim Crownover for Dictator 2016 to save our country!!
I am fully prepared to give up my Admiralcy to serve the people as Dictator.
We need to fight to bring democracy to the United States and end the Aristocracy.
When I am Dictator "Madman" Jim Crownover we can begin to restore sanity to the United States!

What debates?
If candidates are incapable of answering the questions there are no debates!
They need to be reformatted to only allow 3 answers to questions.
“Yes”, “No” or “Duh, I don’t know”.
If the candidates answer is not yes or no it should automatically be cut off and assumed to be “Duh, I don’t know”.
Where do they dig up these candidates that can’t answer questions?

I am sure all patriotic Americans will vote for me!
I hope this does not require a civil war but the Duncannon navy is ready if needed!

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    in the sprucecave
     Jim Crownover