<HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Swansboro Area Lot For Sale Queens Creek $39,900</TITLE> <META name="description" content="Real estate for sale, near Swansboro North Carolina, $39,900"> <META name="keywords" content="onslow county north carolina, morehead city north carolina, golf, ocean, onslow county, north carolina, real estate, land for sale, lots, land, lot, beach"> </HEAD> <BODY BGCOLOR="aquamarine" TEXT="black" LINK="red" background ="water.jpg" bgproperties="fixed" VLINK="lavender" ALINK="#FF0000" align="center"><center> <table border=5 cellpadding=2 bgcolor ="aquamarine" bordercolorlight = red bordercolordark = purple cellspacing =2> <TR> <TD WIDTH="600" HEIGHT="80" BACKGROUND="sandbga.jpg" > <h4><font color="blue"><MARQUEE HEIGHT="4%" LOOP= "infinite" BEHAVIOR="scroll" SCROLLAMOUNT="90" SCROLLDELAY="800"><font size=3 color="brown">Year-round ocean activities, and intracoastal fishing and boating. </MARQUEE></font color><BR> <BR> <font color="violet"> <MARQUEE HEIGHT="4%" BEHAVIOR="slide"></font>Located between Swansboro North Carolina and Camp Lejune North Carolina close to beaches.</MARQUEE></font color></h4> </TR> </table> <table border=30 cellpadding=2 bgcolor ="gold" bordercolorlight = aquamarine bordercolordark = purple cellspacing =12> <th><h1><font color="black">Swansboro Area </font color><BR> <font color="blue">Lot For Sale</font color></th></table></center></h1> <center> <font color="white">Lot for sale <BR> <BR> </font color> </B><BR> <font color="marroon"><h4> <B> Vacation place or lovely retirement area. </B><BR> <a href="http://www.crownover.com"> <IMG SRC="2005-07-22-queens-creek-lots-05.jpg" ALT="View of lot 9." BORDER=0 ></A> <BR>View of lot 9. <BR> Queen's Creek lot 9 with 3 bedroom septic permit. $39,900 <BR> <BR>There is no owner financing available on this property.<BR> <a href="http://www.crownover.com"> <IMG SRC="qeens-creek-plot-plan.jpg" ALT="plot plan." BORDER=0 ></A> <BR>plot plan. <BR> Lot size about acre. <BR> Queen's Creek is a residential community for mobile homes. <BR> This lot currently is rented to the owner of the mobile home on it. <br>If you enjoy golfing and fishing this is just the place. Located between Swansboro North Carolina and Camp Lejune North Carolina close to beaches. It is not far to Morehead City and historic Beaufort North Carolina. <BR> <IMG SRC="seagull.gif"> <IMG SRC="seagull.gif" width="140" height="45"> <IMG SRC="seagull.gif" width="90" height="30"> <BR> Swansboro, a water-oriented town is situated on the Intracoastal Waterway along the mouth of the White Oak River, where the Atlantic Ocean is easily accessible through Bogue Inlet. A good many fishing boats call Swansboro home, and many residents keep sportfishing boats at marinas in Swansboro. You can reach Swansboro by taking either N.C. 58 (from Bogue Banks) or N.C. 24 (from Morehead City). One of the most enjoyable attractions of contemporary Swansboro is the historic downtown section built right along the river's edge. Here you will find specialty and antique shops, restaurants and plenty of space to stroll and gaze at the pleasure boats. The town's historic commission supervises the restoration of many of the town's oldest structures. Several of these fine buildings now house businesses, while others remain private residences. <br> <IMG SRC="dot.gif" WIDTH =200 HEIGHT =4 BORDER=0> <IMG SRC="seagull.gif"> <IMG SRC="seagull.gif" width="140" height="45"> <IMG SRC="dot.gif" WIDTH =200 HEIGHT =4 BORDER=0> <IMG SRC="seagull.gif" width="90" height="30"> <table border=8 cellpadding=3 bgcolor ="blue" background ="http://www.crownover.com/sandbga.jpg" bordercolorlight = pink bordercolordark = red cellspacing =5> <TH><font color="marroon"><H5> <a href="http://www.crownover.com"> <IMG SRC="http://www.crownover.com/kayak-email.jpg" ALT="Dauphin Narrows." BORDER=2 ></A></th></table> <H1> <a href="http://www.crownover.com/jonesroad.html">To see More real estate click here</a> <BR> </H4></center> <center><font color="green"><h4> <BR> <CENTER> </font color><br><br></center> <font color="aquamarine"><br><pre><FONT Size="-9"><I><SUB> That little old webmaker in the sprucecave Jim Crownover </I></SUB></pre></font color> </HTML>